Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything?

Our app is absolutely free to download, and you can sign up and participate in all features in the app for free, except for Commitments. While you can use every feature within the app for free, if you wish to participate in a Commitment, you’ll need to provide a credit card. Don’t worry, we only charge you if you do not complete your Commitment.

Do I have to participate in the Commitment I made?

You do not need to participate in the Commitment you created. This feature is primarily used if you are teaching or coaching other users. CommitWeek helps users define what they want to accomplish, but sometimes having a friend define that for you can push you to achieve more and attain your desired results. Learn more about fun and innovative ways to use CommitWeek here.

What if some cheats on their commitment?

The question we get asked most. Even our app isn’t full proof against cheating, but there is good news! First, we designed CommitWeek to be driven and controlled by you, not your friends you are participating with. That means, while your friends might cheat, if you still achieve your Commitment goals, you won’t be charged anything. Even more good news, is that you can simply choose not to do future commitments with those friends. While there are always people in life that will cheat, this is one time that their cheating will not affect you. This is one of the reasons we recommend only connecting with and participating in Commitments with friends. Read more about cheating here.

How much can I win?

Great question, and our favorite question that people ask. It shows that you are dedicated to completing your Commitments, and that’s what we love to hear! We currently cap annual winnings paid to each PayPal account to $500 (confirm w CPA/ToS). For more details and legal jargon, ensure you read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy found here: Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

What if I workout on a treadmill or stationary bike?

Unfortunately, the app is currently unable to track or count miles run, walked, or biked on treadmills and stationary bikes. While we are working on the technology to link wearable devices and track treadmill/stationary bike workouts from your phone, we can only currently advise you to participate in a running, walking, or cycling commitment if you actually plan to get out and run, walk, or bike the distance outside or on a track! The good news is, getting outside to do these activities is a healthy byproduct to the act of running/walking/cycling itself. Read more about why getting outside is so great here:

What if I work out at my home gym?

Working out at home, or at your home gym is a very efficient way to get your workout in; unfortunately, our location services pulls data from FourSquare meaning you can only “check in” to a location listed as a gym or fitness studio within the app. Unless your house is listed as one of those, you can’t check in at a home gym. In situations like these, we recommend you do not participate in a Commitment that involves checking into a gym. You are still welcome to join other commitments, and create personalized ones that fit your routine!

Can I sync a wearable Pedometer to CommitWeek to count my steps?

Tricky question, but there is hope! CommitWeek isn’t able to pull data directly from a pedometer or third party device yet. Instead, we sync data from your iPhone’s Apple HealthKit. If the device you are using is able to sync to the HealthKit on your phone, then data CAN be transferred from device to phone, and phone to CommitWeek.

How do I collect what I have earned?

We collect funds through Stripe on Monday’s. It may take a few days for the transfer of funds to occur, so please allow up to 3 business days to receive the funds, once you cash them out. Remember, you must have a minimum balance of $10 in order to cash out! Payments to your account are sent via PayPal.

What if I get sick or injured?

We wish good health upon everyone and understand that things happen. Simply email us from the contact us portion of the website and we will withdraw you from your commitment. Remember, you have to email us before the Commitment ends on Sunday night!